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Top 4 Complaints of Salesforce Adoption [Guest Post]

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Editor’s Note: Increasing Salesforce user adoption in your organization is key to justifying your investment in the platform. And one of the best strategies for ensuring that your users embrace Salesforce is to address their concerns.

This guest post from our partner Cirruspath highlights the top Salesforce adoption complaints to help you tackle similar challenges in your organization.

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So your organization has decided to bring everyone onto Salesforce. There’s no way a major platform change across your organization could cause any problems!

Alright, sarcasm aside. Many organizations struggle with Salesforce adoption long after their initial on-boarding. Why is that? Because while Salesforce is fantastic for organizations overall, it is is struggle for the workers on the ground. Once you understand why people are having trouble adopting Salesforce, you’ll be able to address their concerns, and boost adoption.

Here are the top 4 complaints concerning Salesforce adoption.

1.  Employees Can’t Figure Anything Out

When implementing Salesforce, most companies focus on the technical side and back end. That’s all you need to get it up and running. Except that it’s not. Sure, it’s everything that’s needed for the system to work, but it’s not all you need for the system to be beneficial.

Employees are likely given only light training, or even no training at all. This leaves them lacking essential knowledge of the system and the intricacies of its use.

2. Data Entry Takes Too Much Time

As soon as Salesforce is implemented, sales people and others have to start entering huge amounts of data into the system. The problem is that data entry takes away from valuable time that could be spent selling, or achieving one’s primary job.

Data entry, especially when there’s not a clear process, can take hours of work-time each week. This new task makes workers resentful of Salesforce and the time that’s being lost to it. Imagine you’re trying to hit quota and now you’ve lost an hour or more of time each day that you used to be able to spend selling.

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3. Untrustworthy Data is Clogging the System

Without training and proper customization, it’s likely that the correct fields and data your company needs won’t make it into Salesforce. Instead, you’ll be stuck with whatever data scraps your employees are quickly tossing in while trying to get back to their preferred tasks.

The lack of quality data prevents business insights and forces your Salesforce administrator to spend most their time trying to clean up the system. Whenever someone does go back into the system to find an important piece of data, they’ll be upset when they find it lacking.

4. Only Management is Benefitting

Who gains the major insights and benefits directly from Salesforce? Management. Yet, managers frequently are able to avoid any involvement in the tedious data entry and cleaning that other employees have to go through.

Other employees don’t see any way in which Salesforce helps them do their job. Instead, they see managers having an easy way to get onto them when they’re not entering enough data. Is it any surprise that Salesforce adoption is low?

How Cirrus Insight Can Help

It’s not all bad news though. Salesforce can be immensely beneficial for your organization, you only need to make sure all the complaints against it are addressed.That’s where Cirrus Insight comes in.

Cirrus Insight comes with tutorials and walkthroughs (as well as an intuitive interface) to help your team adjust to it, and use it efficiently. Salespeople and other employees are able to say in their inbox, the place they already work, instead of entering into Salesforce while still updating Salesforce.

Data entry happens with less clicks, often automatically, so Salesforce is updated without wasting time. Information and be checked and updated right from the side panel to maintain accuracy, and instead of only benefitting managers, Cirrus Insight allows everyone to benefit from the system.

If you’re struggling with Salesforce adoption, Cirrus Insight is how you can change your entire team’s perspective on the system and make it a proper part of their work flow.

Originally published on the Cirrus Insight blog.

Which of these complaints have you heard in your organization? Are you facing any other challenges with Salesforce user adoption? Let us know in the comments!

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