How to Eliminate Email Signature Attachments in Salesforce

How to Eliminate Pesky Email Signature Attachments in Salesforce

We’ve all seen it: an email signature containing a company logo and every social icon known to man. While they may look nice, this creates a mess in the context of a Salesforce case.

These images waste your staff’s time by prompting them to screen attachments that are not relevant to the issue at hand. This becomes an even bigger problem when the communication thread becomes large and the same pesky images are repeatedly saved.

To make matters worse, the noise rolls up to the attachments related list on accounts.

Eliminate the noise with Signature Slayer!
Imagine you could improve agent productivity by providing a clean and manageable attachments related lists on cases, email messages, and accounts.

Signature Slayer for Salesforce eliminates image attachments like Facebook, Twitter, corporate logos, and other images that are stored on cases and email messages. Signature Slayer is the first of its kind file storage management application for Salesforce!

So, how does it work?
Once installed, Signature Slayer will add image files associated with cases or email messages to a document folder called the “Hit List Manager”. You then simply navigate to the Hit List Manager, select the images you would like to eliminate and click “Remove Selected and Add to Hit List”. This will delete the images you’ve selected and add them to a Hit List.

Once an image is added to the Hit List, you’ll never have to worry about it again! If the exact same file is ever inserted on a case or email message in the future, it will automatically be purged.

Signature Slayer for Salesforce

Ready to remove attachment clutter and eliminate the noise? You can try Signature Slayer by visiting the Salesforce AppExchange.


Learn more about Signature Slayer by reviewing the official documentation.