5 Ways to Increase Salesforce User Adoption

5 Ways to Increase Salesforce User Adoption

salesforce user adoption

adoption of salesforceYou’ve just made a substantial investment in Salesforce, but you’re finding it hard to notice the benefits or ROI that was promised. You most likely have users who are not fully utilizing or even logging into Salesforce. As a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner, this is one of the most common challenges our clients face.

So, how can you encourage everyone in your organization to buy into Salesforce? The answer can be somewhat simple:

Make Salesforce something your users are excited about and not just another mandatory task that management requires.

Here are 5 ways you can excite your users, and improve adoption within your organization.

1. Give employees a voice
Try implementing Ideas in your organization to give every employee a voice. This will make them feel like they can make their work life better by introducing their own ideas and voting up ones they would like to see implemented.

2. Use Chatter
Chatter is an excellent way to increase user interaction and collaboration in real-time, transforming your organization into its own social network.

  • Create department-specific Chatter Groups for users to ask questions, give feedback, and provide updates with links and shared documents. Also create informal Chatter Groups where users can go to share information such as company parties, volunteer events, or non-work related topics. This will help increase engagement at a more personal level.
  • Create an incentive program for those who contribute valuable content and, in turn, become top influencers in your organization.
  • Make it a priority to incorporate user feedback by utilizing Chatter Polls to receive an organization-wide opinion.
  • Encourage use of the Chatter Desktop and Chatter Mobile apps to give users an easy way to access Chatter and communicate from anywhere.

3. Focus on adoption from the start
From the very beginning, reinforce the idea that everything should live in Salesforce, and make it known that all contacts or sales opportunities are expected to be in Salesforce. Find out what each department will need, then configure a specific user interface for them that excludes anything distracting or irrelevant.

4. Gamification
Implementing a gamification app such as Hoopla is an incredibly powerful way to boost adoption through friendly competition. In this case, a video scoreboard is used to broadcast Salesforce data and rank users in real time. You can highlight individual or team performance to display in the office with HD graphics and animations. This will help you recognize your power users and encourage others to increase their participation and move up in ranking.hoopla scoreboard

5. Help users learn the Salesforce lingo
Provide your users with access to Salesforce CRM terminology and overviews of your organization’s processes.

Many new users of Salesforce can be intimidated by the robust platform at first. Besides initial training sessions, make sure you are providing resources to help everyone understand each new Salesforce release throughout the year. Encourage the use of the Salesforce Community for users to ask questions, search for ideas, and interact with the growing community of Salesforce experts.

Realize a better ROI

There are many Salesforce.com customers who are not utilizing Salesforce to its full potential. When properly deployed and continuously maintained within an organization,  Salesforce can be an incredible tool to increase productivity, improve customer service, and drive sales.Continuous Innovation

Find out how we can help maximize operational efficiency, promote growth, and ensure user adoption across your organization.