Getting Started on the Salesforce AppExchange

Getting started on the Salesforce AppExchange

salesforce appexchange

In today’s world, there is an app available to complement almost anything. A few of the most well-known marketplaces that host these applications include the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Google Apps for Business. For those who utilize Salesforce in their organization, the Salesforce AppExchange is the place you need to visit! The AppExchange is’s marketplace through which end users can access and install apps to increase their CRM system’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Over 1,750 apps on the Salesforce AppExchange

In just a few clicks you can have access to over 1,750 free and paid applications that will accelerate your success in the cloud. You can easily search by keyword, category, and read in-depth reviews posted by fellow Salesforce users to make an informed decision. There’s even hand picked apps organized into collections such as Getting Started and Small Business.

Want to test an app before you purchase? Simply hit the “Get it Now” button and install a free trial in your salesforce CRM. Apps can be accessed by every Salesforce user in your org or just those who need to use it.

Must have free apps

It can be a daunting task trying figure out which of the hundreds of apps will fit best in your org. Here are a few of my favorite free apps to get you started:

Jitterbit Data Loader
Jitterbit Data Loader is the most popular free app available on the AppExchange.  Jitterbit is a data migration tool that enables Salesforce admins to quickly and easily automate the import and export of data between flat files, databases, and Salesforce / Its easy navigable interface and “drag and drop” features make it simple to use, and make the management of large quantities of data a much easier task.

LinkForce: URL Shortener
Simply put, LinkForce turns long URLs into short ones. This is a must-have for any marketing department. With LinkForce you can:

  • Track clicks, user agents, and other metrics with native Salesforce analytics
  • Rename long, unwieldy URLs into branded, memorable, human-readable links
  • Generate short links for Twitter, Facebook, and other character-constrained environments

Fliptop Social Profiles
Fliptop connects email addresses you have for Leads and Contacts with their social media accounts. Once installed, Fliptop will automatically look up all the emails in your Salesforce system and match them with the corresponding Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. This app can really enhance your understanding of a Contact, and allow you to stay in touch even if their contact information changes.

Case Management Apps
salesforce appexchangeIf you use Salesforce to respond to support issues via Cases, you’re in luck!  We here at Internet Creations are the experts when it comes to case management in Salesforce. Our most notable app, Email to Case Premium is the #1 rated app on the AppExchange for Agent Productivity.  E2CP extends the basic functionality of’s standard email to case offering with a more streamlined and efficient solution.

For more info on E2CP, and to check out all of our apps, visit us on the AppExchange now!